Episode #25: “Can I Write a Book on All This?” (YES, You Can!)

February 13th, 2021

Many parents, when they complete one of my programs or work with me for a bit feel that they "have a book in them."

Here's the good news: There are literally THOUSANDS of empty seats that need to be filled by parents like you. This population is severely underrepresented, and Amazon Kindle searches for Family Court corruption survivors will show this.

But ... you are afraid of your ex using your book against you. You're afraid of being attacked by a gender-based group, or attacked by the BAR industry.

Or, does the fear of being seen, heard, and understood by a ton of parents scary to you? Are you afraid of standing up, being too much, and taking up space? 

That's all normal! But don't for a second let that stop you. If you know you are meant to write, or are curious about it, check out Ariana Fine and see what she can do for you. This episode is so juicy with new insights!

Click here for an immediate download of my book, Broken System, Broken Heart

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