Episode #8: Will I Save Money If I Use My Rights?

May 30th, 2020

Money is such a triggering topic because when it drains out of us like sand through our fingers, our sense of safety in the world seems to slip away with it.

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 This is the Connecticut "reform" bill I speak about.

 If you need help using NO as your life preserver, you can get help here.


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Episode #7: Is Freedom and Happiness Just a Pipe Dream in Family Court Mayhem?

April 17th, 2020

In this episode, I will explain how pursuing your own personal happiness and freedom is necessary if you are to ever survive this wrecking ball in your life.

I will talk about the guilt you may feel when you even think of going to a "happier" place when you've been cut off from your child and you know they are in their other home, missing you.

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Episode #6: Why Aren’t More Parents Appealing Their Court Orders?

April 7th, 2020

Appeals are almost always necessary when you are working with an industry as hodgepodge as Family Law. My philosophy is that if most parents filed appeals when the laws were broken, the Appellate Court system would become backlogged and therefore the system would be forced to change under the administrative pressure of voluminous appeals. 

The big question is, what's stopping so many parents from appealing? I will speak about the blocks and hurdles parents face when they ask the question, Should I appeal?

If you need some extra support and mindset coaching, here's a direct link to my calendar. For more information on my services, including free downloads, visit my website

Disclaimer: at the 5-minute mark, I mentioned that a parent has 20 days to appeal. This is only for Connecticut law. Your laws in your state may be different. All parents are responsible for knowing their own appeal timelines, and of course, nothing in my podcast is legal advice. My work is in health/mindset coaching - not law :) 

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Episode #5: A Dreaded but Necessary Step: Letting Go While Chasing Justice

April 6th, 2020

Let go, they say. How am I supposed to do that? 

This has become my least favorite thing in the Family Court Olympics.

Letting go isn't an all-or-nothing deal. You can get started today. This episode will help move you forward!

To find my meditation that I mention here, go to find my Facebook post in the Moms Unshackled group.. Please be sure to answer the questions, though! I hate declining requests over that. :)


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Episode #4: How the Vortex of Legal Abuse Begins

April 5th, 2020

The toxic abuse cascade often starts the first time you meet with your attorney, and continues onward the first time you step foot in court. There is a way to pivot from this spiral of victimization. Here, I talk about how you can use your own instinctual boundaries to change course in your own custody case, no matter how deep into the vortex you've sunk into. 

For information on learning the laws that can help you, click here

For a FREE copy of my book, click here.

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Episode #3: How I Launched Into Healing in Under 5 Minutes

April 4th, 2020

Recovering from legal abuse is a life-long journey. However, starting the process comes from a simple (though not easy) decision. You'll learn how I started my own healing in this episode, following a toxic soup of victimhood I lived in for the first 21 months after my son was taken.

To learn how you can create your own personal healing recipe, be sure to get a FREE copy of my book.

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Episode 2: “But Why Would You Profit Off of Someone Else’s Pain?”

April 4th, 2020

You asked, and I answered!

Advocates supporting anti-cruelty and injustice get this a lot: "Why would anyone make money off of someone else's struggles?"

Here, I will get into the psychology behind the outrage that some victims feel when they ask for help, and are presented with a fee structure.

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Episode #1: Kale, Meditation and Exercise: Is it Enough to Heal from Legal Abuse?

April 4th, 2020

There's an unspoken layer of trauma that all parents experience when they've been abused by a government agency such as Family Court.

I talk about why Family Court victims don't get better, even with Health Coaching and therapy. The late Dr. Karin Huffer was the first person to declare that victims of Legal Abuse Syndrome don't improve with traditional therapy. Why is this? I will dig deep into this complex issue. (If you check out Dr. Huffer's site, and want to take the training, contact me via email to get a discount!)

To see my offerings for moms and dads suffocating in this horrid system, check out my website!

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