Episode #6: Why Aren’t More Parents Appealing Their Court Orders?

April 7th, 2020

Appeals are almost always necessary when you are working with an industry as hodgepodge as Family Law. My philosophy is that if most parents filed appeals when the laws were broken, the Appellate Court system would become backlogged and therefore the system would be forced to change under the administrative pressure of voluminous appeals. 

The big question is, what's stopping so many parents from appealing? I will speak about the blocks and hurdles parents face when they ask the question, Should I appeal?

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Disclaimer: at the 5-minute mark, I mentioned that a parent has 20 days to appeal. This is only for Connecticut law. Your laws in your state may be different. All parents are responsible for knowing their own appeal timelines, and of course, nothing in my podcast is legal advice. My work is in health/mindset coaching - not law :) 

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